Shigeki Murata


対象物を丁寧に捉え、あまり描き加えることも省くこともなく、そのものの内包する生命観や力強さを落ち着いた色調の中に上等に描き出している。細部にまで描き込まれた作品は、精緻であり静かに心にしみこみます。 村田画廊 村田一雄

It was when I first entered the atelier on the second floor in the spring of 1982 that I was encouraged by the teacher who sat down on the flat desk to say "Welcome, please" and when I faced him, he said "It was late".
I knew each other well through Professor Koichi Takeuchi for several years, but I didn't have the opportunity to meet them. However, he immediately hit it off, and his attitude toward drawing and the ideal way of group exhibitions, etc.
I told you all kinds of stories. He was like a good big brother who was reliable both publicly and privately.

The object is carefully captured, and without much addition or omission, the life view and strength contained in the object are depicted in a calm color tone. The work, which has been drawn in every detail, is delicate and quietly soaks into your heart. Murata Gallery Kazuo Murata

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